• Jordan

The Mess of Our Minds

Imagine you walk into an office and you see stuff everywhere! There are piles of paper, books and even food sitting around.

Our minds immediately start to process all the clutter and even though the people in the situation might be the most important people in our lives we can’t focus on them because of the distraction.

Whether we manage this well or not our minds become over stimulated very quickly and we lose focus.

I think we have all had times where when working with these individuals that the clutter does lead to things being lost and not getting done.

Our kids can’t find their clothes because their room is such a mess, we can’t find our keys, we totally lose something important, and on and on.

I think it’s important to separate the person from the clutter because whether a person is clean and organized or a complete mess has nothing to do with their worth.

However, a messy or unorganized workspace, home, vehicle, computer or anything else is simply an outward expression of a messy or unorganized mind.

When we just can’t get our brains organized it is bound to lead to more clutter in other areas of our lives.

This physical clutter tends to lead to more stress and anxiety, even under the surface, which makes it even worse in our minds and the cycle continues.

I really think we need to do whatever necessary to break out of this cycle.

Our minds are totally worth the spring cleaning, both physically and mentally!

I suggest we start small and attack our physical space one area at a time.

Pay attention to how you feel in your physical space and connect this to how you organize and clean it up.

Pay attention to the calm that comes with a neatly organized space.

Then progress on to the next space until you have your physical world organized.

Once your physical world is organized you can start with your mind.

I have heard of a few great ways to use thought downloads, journals, recording your thoughts, or other ways to get all of the thoughts and information out of your head!

Once the information and thoughts are out of your head you will be able to organize and make sense of them a lot better.