• Jordan

The Mess of Stress

Updated: Oct 28, 2019

When we think about the concept of stress in most people it automatically causes more stress because of the negative associations around that word.

This really does not have to be the case.

There are some implications of being in a stressed state all the time but the good news is we can learn to recognize our bodies physiological responses and understand what is actually happening in our brain that brings on these feelings.

Once we learn how our brain and body respond we realize stress is almost completely in our control!

We also learn that this state is not always a bad thing.

Some of the most amazing experiences in life require us to be in a stressed state.

One of the first signs we can learn to recognize that we have started entering a stressed state is our heart rate automatically increases when the stress response is triggered. We really don’t even need to feel our pulse because we can tell if our heart starts racing.

The next sign to pay attention to in our physiological response is our breathing. Once the stress response is triggered we start to engage in shallow quick breathing.

This is why everyone always tells us to slow down and take a deep breath. We just need to stop and recognize our breathing pattern. Usually just stopping to think about it will slow negative response.

The next sign that I feel is useful is to pay attention to is our brain. When we enter the stress response our thinking goes out the window.

There are very technical reasons for this in our brain, but to keep it simple we just need to stop and see if it's easy to think clearly about what is going on in our brain.

If we find it a struggle to think clearly then we are probably in a stress response.

These are great places to start when it comes to recognizing that our body has entered the stress response.

Once we recognize the response we can check into what we were thinking, doing, seeing, etc. Once we know what we were thinking, doing, seeing, etc. then we can make changes if necessary.

The most important step in being able to manage the stress in our life is the ability to identify what is actually causing the stress. This allows us the ability to actually manage the root cause.

As Dr. Daniel Siegel said, “You have to name it to tame it!”

As you are learning to identify your root causes of stress I am here for you!

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