• Jordan

Why Are You Really an Educator?

Updated: Oct 28, 2019

I imagine all educators have been in a professional development meeting where they were asked why they got into education. I have heard responses ranging from “I just wanted to help change lives,” to “ I just liked the schedule and wanted to have summers off.” There is always a sarcastic response about how much money we don’t make as educators and how much we love to deal with tough parents and students. We've all been there!

I wish for you to stop right now though and ponder on this question for your current station:

Why are you really an educator?

I really feel like for myself that my purpose has changed several times throughout my short career so far. This has ranged from needing a consistent job for my family to the ability to help a very special and vulnerable age of youth find themselves.

Thankfully I am closer to the latter currently!

As we ponder about our real reason for doing what we do it gives us a foundation, or lack of one, to stand on in our personal interactions with our students and colleagues every day.

The answer to this question also is a direct reflection of our current thoughts about ourselves.

As we examine our deeper purposes we inadvertently expose our true selves and our performance becomes very clear to those watching us.

This can be a great thing, or stand as a conviction.

One thing is always true as an educator though, if you have no desire to actually help the students you work with become better then education is not for you.

There are so many things you could do to make money. You owe it to yourself and your family to do something you love that matters in the world.

If you feel like your desire to change lives through teaching has died out then it is time to embark on whatever journey necessary to rekindle that fire! Many lives, and most importantly your life is on the line!

I hope for your sake and all those around you that you find your passion again or for the first time so you can become the best version of yourself and help those around you do the same!

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