• Jordan

You Are What You Eat

One of the most consistent aspects of your job is the high level of mental and emotional strain that comes with working in education. This can be a great avenue of growth but most of the time it is the leading cause of burnout rather than growth.

If we desire to use this mental and emotional strain as a growth opportunity we have to be able to show up with a high level of mental clarity and emotional energy across the entire day with our students and colleagues.

One of the most important variables in order to maintain a high level of mental and emotional energy is the food we put in our body.

This high level of energy is really the fuel that drives everything we do well in education.

“You are what you eat” usually isn’t correlated with your life as an educator, but what if it has “everything” to do with your life as an educator?

Your ability to bring the best version of yourself by maintaining your mental clarity, emotional focus, and steady energy throughout long hard days is most often directly related to what we eat!

Exercise has a huge role in this equation as well but I have trained so many people who just can’t out train poor nutrition, no matter how hard they work!

When we talk about the concept of “you are what you eat,” we are not talking about our food making us look a certain way at all.

I am very much talking about the way we mentally and emotionally show up each day is related to what we eat.

In order to keep it simple we each need to focus on good natural food as much as possible. Tons of vegetables, a variety of fruit, and very few simple carbohydrates. If you choose carbohydrates then make sure they are complex whole grains and seek those outside of your standard wheat products.

Sugar is going to be the enemy to your mental clarity and physical energy!

We need to be consuming high quality protein sources such as fish, poultry, legumes, beans and avoid red and processed meats.

We need to make sure we are consuming lots of healthy fats. These are usually healthy oils in cooking, nuts, avocados, and other plant fat sources.

Another unfortunate side effect is when we are experiencing brain fog or headaches or other body aches because of the food we eat we are much less likely to exhibit the emotional stability and motivation necessary to show up as a great educator.

I understand it can sometimes be an insurmountable task to manage all of the mental and emotional feelings we experience every day.

I also understand that our ability to manage these feelings and issues is so much dependent on the fuel we give our brain and body!

If food is a struggle for you then come sign up for a mini session with me so we can get your thoughts wrapped around a new approach so you can start increasing your energy levels and start showing up as a better version of yourself!