• Jordan

You Deserve to Feel Better

The more and more I work with people on their health journeys and the more research I am exposed to I am beginning to understand the vast differences in each of our nutritional needs.

There are some basic needs for all of us but to give a one shot, catch all recommendations regarding our nutritional needs is just bad practice.

This also means that each of us is going to need to embark on a journey to find out what we need in order to feel awesome and give our bodies the fuel they need.

This process really needs to start with our own awareness of what we are actually putting in our bodies and the return on that investment. Until we are very aware and our understanding is increased this means we are going to need to track everything we consume to catch a glimpse of where we are starting.

The most important quick items to track is our macronutrients.

Basically we need to know how much carbohydrate, protein, and fat we are consuming each day.

This might mean educating yourself about what you are currently eating, what those foods contain, and most importantly how those foods actually affect the way you feel.

If you are struggling to maintain your energy levels, lose weight, or stay focused then it is time to track everything you eat and see how it is affecting you.

Ultimately you deserve to feel better and if you are going to show up as the best version of yourself then you must embark on this journey.

Most of us in America really struggle with our understanding of our macronutrient needs. We have been sold that fat is bad, we need lots of protein, and everything we consume contains sugar.

At a quick glance we need to understand that as long as we are consuming healthy fats we can consume large quantities of fat in our diet.

Most of us consume way too many carbohydrates and the wrong kind. We typically consume large amounts of simple carbohydrates like sugar, white flour, white rice, etc.

If we are going to choose to consume carbohydrates they should be complex whole grains of many varieties. We need to expand our horizons outside of whole wheat to include rice, oats, barley, etc.

Our bodies really don’t need a lot of protein to maintain a great healthy lifestyle.

Most of us in America consume way more protein in our typical diet than we could ever use in a healthy way. I have even seen many mistakenly think that the popular ketogenic diets are high in protein which is really not the case.

We need to make sure we have accurate information when it comes to our nutrition choices!

I challenge all of you to track what you eat for at least a week and see where you currently stand. Become aware of exactly what you are putting in your body and how this makes you feel.

Get rid of your excuses and make your nutrition a priority.

I am here to help you at The Healthy Educator. Come sign up for our teacher tips or a coaching session with me so we can get you started on a better path to the best you!